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I create digital products that are meaningful, impactful and delightful to use



Software Development

I specialize in both web and native app development, creating solutions that solve real user needs and set you up for digital success. Leveraging my unique combination of technical skills and user-centered design approach, I guide projects from concept to completion, and deliver solutions that empower your business and delight your users.

Interface and User Experience Design

Designing digital products is about more than just aesthetics; it's about creating meaningful connections with users to turn them into loyal customers. In an iterative, collaborative process, I'm working closely with you, your team and your users to refine and optimize the product and its design, ensuring that it captures attention, engages users, and inspires action.

Strategy and Consulting

Setting up a product for success requires aligning vision, goals, and execution. With my background in leading software teams as an engineer, product manager and owner, I help in planning, prioritizing, and implementing strategies to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape. Ensuring that your products resonates with users and drives growth and innovation for your business.

Stack: HTML, CSS, Javascript, NextJS, React, Svelte, Flutter, React Native, Figma, GraphQL, Typescript, D3,, Jest, SQL, Firebase, Java, Kotlin  Stack: HTML, CSS, Javascript, NextJS, React, Svelte, Flutter, React Native, Figma, GraphQL, Typescript, D3,, Jest, SQL, Firebase, Java, Kotlin


Weingut Schnabl
Weingut Schnabl, 2022 | Development | with Melanie Kraxner
Invenium City Insights, 2018-22 | Development, Design, Product Management
“The best ideas start as conversations.”Jony Ive
Jede Stimme, 2022 | Development, Design | with Martin Thür

About Me


In a nutshell

I'm a software engineer based in Graz, Austria, with 8 years of professional experience. I've worked with various startups all around the world in frontend, fullstack, and product engineering roles. I have a passion for design and enjoy creating beautiful, intuitive interfaces. My approach to building products draws heavily from modern product management, focusing on user-centered discovery, data-driven decisions, and continuous delivery.

Off-screen, I enjoy playing all kinds of mostly racket-based sports, hiking, making music, reading, and cooking. All of of which fuel the creativity and passion I bring to my work.


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